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Viget is a digital agency/product dev shop.
We exist to do great work for inspiring clients
— that's our primary focus

We’re often interested in learning more about problems we haven’t been hired to solve. We call these projects Explorations. They’re a way for us to pursue our diverse curiosities, contribute to conversations about problems and topics, and shape the future of design.

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Improving the Way We Shop Online:

Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical

Fall 2017

What’s missing from the online shopping experience? Most of the experience itself, it turns out. Through conversation and observation with a group of women shopping in physical stores, we uncovered an opportunity to highlight shopping and selection — over purchasing and buying.

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From Hassle to Harmony:

Reimagining the Home Buying Process

Spring 2017

Buying a home in a digital world has changed how we search, communicate and eventually purchase our homes. From Hassle to Harmony is an exploration of one of the most common yet complicated experiences by digital agency Viget. Through user research, opportunities are uncovered that are ripe for design solutions that can improve the overall experience as it continues to evolve in a fast-paced world.

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Refrigerator Refresh:

Designing for the Realities of the Home

Winter 2016

The physicalness of the objects on the fridge surface represent the life of the home. How might this surface evolve if it allowed physical and digital things to commingle?

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Improving Medical Adherence:

Designing a Digital Companion

Fall 2015

Patients who don’t take medication as prescribed are at risk of worsening health, increased hospitalization, and a greater chance of morality. Our exploration led to the concept of Florence — a personal chatbot companion that helps patients understand and manage their medication regimen.

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The Future of Fantasy Football:

From Draft to Championship

Summer 2015

The digital experience of fantasy football should be as exciting as the action of the season. We considered the draft in particular, and the role various devices could play in the digital ecosystem.

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Our Process

Explorations consist of three general phases, a process analogous to our client work: Gather, Explore, and Map. The emphasis is on research and conceptualization as the primary outputs. We produce an idea, rather than a functioning product.

Here's what we consider during each stage.


Collect and catalog intriguing ideas, resources, and questions–the raw material of conceptual work.


Dig into the nuances and conversation surrounding a problem or topic, and play with ideas to address it.


Record what you’ve found for those who may follow, outlining the topography of the issue to set design concepts in context.

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At Viget, we’re continually thinking about how we can help shape and improve the experiences around us and make the world a better place — whether that’s through the technology solutions we deliver to our clients or through explorations like these. Let's work together.

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